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What others are saying

My Partner and I have been together for 10 years now. He is not American. we tried to live in the States, but could not get a visa for him. At that time voting was going on all over the country to "protect marriage" and winning. I was not surprised but disappointed to see how far behind the USA was in freedom and rights.. Having grown up as an American, and loving my country, but coming back to feel like a second class citizen because of who I love.

Ask yourself, then your government in one loud voice. How it is legal for minority rights to be decided on by majority vote?

The constitution says "no taxation without representation", so stop paying your taxes, and see if they notice us. probably not, just one more reason to throw us in jail.

I am living in exile in the "old country" now, that is decades further along in gay rights, so I can be with my lover, who I married in Holland.

I am still fighting though for America to face up to another case where they should practice what they preach.

Land of the free, my ass, but I hope we can finally get there.

let your voice be heard. I never stop no matter where I am.

— Thomas Germany more